Auto Boners For You

Did your cock spring up when you woke up this morning. like an indecent jack in the box? Don’t you just love those early morning boners? Those spontaneously hard cocks certainly make the ladies smile. It’s almost impossible for her not to wrap her fingers around one and stroke it.

Ashlynn’s hobby is playing with cocks.

Don’t worry, it is highly unlikely they’ll stroke you too much. They know how sensitive and quick you can be on these occasions and nobody wants you to have surprise orgasm. You can be assured that male cum is totally unwanted around here. That is the beauty of denial. You want and need the wanting and the needing. Oh absolutely. I’m not going to try and explain this. You can have a go at explaining the psychology of tease and denial if you want but I suspect you’ll be too busy jerking and edging yourself into a stupor to do so. It’s likely you don’t have the necessary concentration levels required for such high level thinking. Your mind as it is awash with boobs and asses, you’re less concerned about the whys than you are about the how can Is…. Questions like How can I relieve the ache in my balls and Where is my next orgasm coming from dominate your thinking.. Mind you, these are very good questions. And they are questions that you should be asking yourself constantly as the minutes and hours tick by. Only a lady can answer this for you of course but sometimes even she won’t know. In case you hadn’t noticed ladies are very instinctive and intuitive and are excellent at reading a situation as it occurs. Something men are generally hopeless at (one of many). So very often you will find that if you don’t know when your next ejaculation will be, and the ladies don’t know, then it’s safe to assume that nobody knows. How frustrating.

Bella Ink teases  a cock

Watch Bella Ink tease a cock to completion.