Be part of Princess Samantha’s Chastity Project

Chastity Project Part 6 Now , like a good little bitch you bought my images last week.Good – now i hope you’ve been staring at them blueballing yourself! It’s time to start doing things you never thought you’d do if you want that key back ! So here is a little message from me for part 6 !

Small Penis Humiliation! Look at that pathetic inch worm in your pants . Useless isn’t it ? Me and my goddess friend Ceara give that little worm a dressing down in ‘Small Penis Humiliation’ After all that maggot is a joke . So on your knees bitch and show us the goods ! hahahaha
Shoes & feet . Cum Tax Bitch I know what makes you hard PLENTY of verbal abuse,orders to unleash that cock and make PAY . Fuck .you’re so weak for my feet,my shoes dangling from them waiting for the command to cum . But loser i am going to play with you first and get my cum tax ….Feeling weak? I can make you feel weaker. BUY !

Shoe Dangling A little shoe dangling teaser …. I may do a few more after this ! (medium quality) HD coming soon You little foot boys need to sit back and watch these very seductive high heeled shoes slide seductively off my feet .