Bratty Randy Teases And Denies

I Love To Ruin Boys 2 So…you’re back again. I have more to tell you. See last time I didn’t tell you the whole story. You wanna find out what really happened to my neighbor? How I ended up not just making him hopelessly fat and unattractive…but getting him arrested and sent to jail. All because he underestimated me, and didn’t know the extent that I would go to when I get really pissed off. “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” Stalker Denied, part 2 Good…you’re right where I left you. Tied helpless to the bed. You like my new outfit? Sexy huh? It’s no fun when the tables get turned is it? You stalked me…I captured you and now you’re my slave. I see your raging hard-on has gone away…I bet I can change that…You like the way it feels, all engorged and straining against that chastity device? It hurts so good! And no…you can’t cum! I want you to suffer. In fact I think I’ll leave you there struggling with your cock hard and balls turning blue…. Detention Denial It’s not easy being a teacher…especially a young sexy one. I know! And I hate when when I have to stay after to babysit some punk for detention. And that punk is you…and you’re late…but I know how to get my revenge. I’ve been watching you check me out in class…rubbing your crotch and getting a boner…yeah I see you! So pull it out stud, show me…while you check out my perfect feet and long sexy legs. Wanna feel my heel grind into your hard-on? Hurts doesn’t it? I love to see you worked up and frustrated…Now leave. Detention’s over. Go home with blue balls. Next detention’s gonna be with the janitor! (960×540) wmv format I finished a nice tennis match…and I know you were checking me out in my hot little outfit. I got nice and sweaty. Check out my socks…they’re soaked…sniff them. Go ahead. I see you’re looking up my skirt at my cute cotton panties. Come here and bury your face in them…now do it when I bend over. Stick your nose in my sweaty ass crack…Look how hard that makes you! Now pull out that nice hard cock and jerk it for me. When I take my panties off it really drives you crazy. Now cum for me…while you look at my yummy ass, and my cute little butthole and pussy . Use my panties to clean yourself up…dirty boy. Haha!