Owned by Jasmine

It's unlikely your dick can cope with Jasmine's level of teasing. She's too much for you, and you know it.

She's a bitch and a bully. But one that you can't resist...

Locked And Lesbianised

It’s almost impossible for me to see you as a man at all now and I’m sure you don’t even think like a guy anymore. The truth is I’ve successfully turned you into my perfect, lesbianised sissy-doll. You were never capable of satisfying a girl like me as a man but with that useless cock locked away and your appearance modified to look so pretty and girlie – you make the perfect lesbian girlfriend. I’m going to train you to forget all about your own pleasure and to concentrate totally on mine! You’ll pleasure me exactly as a real lesbian girlfriend would – but you’ll get nothing in return. Your life will be spent making yourself look as pretty and girlie as possible for me and taking care of my sexual needs just like a girl. Your poor abandoned sissy-dick will be forgotten forever – locked away under all your frills and dainty, feminine clothing…

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Permanent Chastity

Once you’ve heard my cute giggle and the lock snap shut you’ll be caged in this thing FOREVER! You won’t be able to jerk off, you won’t be able to fuck a girl ever again, you won’t be able to cum and best of all – even though your poor little cock will try to – it’ll never feel the satisfaction of a full erection ever again. All you’ll get is an agonisingly frustrating semi-erect kinda attempt at a hard-on as you desperately try to burst out of that device. But it’s never ever gonna happen loser. Your poor beta cock is staying in there – and all the hot girls of the world can live in the safe knowledge that your loser-loads aren’t getting released over their photos. Eventually you’ll forget how good it once felt to be allowed to cum and you’ll accept your pathetic orgasm-free life.

From The English Mansion

mistress serena english mansion whipping

Women and men are not equal

Latest Scenes avaialble from The English Mansion:

Sexy Dominant Nurses Probe Every Hole

Nurse Inka uses the cock stretcher to pull his dick taught so she can work on it. She checks out the size of his urethra and rubs the pin wheel on the flesh, enjoying his moans and reactions. Inka then teases his insides with vibrating devices before attaching the electro stimulation box to his shaft and buzzing it with waves of pain and pleasure. Finally she uses the Venus 2000 to rub his engorged member as she fucks with a sound sending her patient into throes of ecstasy as she totally controls him.

Mistress Nikki and Zara are teasing their chastity slave, his cock squeezed at an impossible angle by the hard steel. They put on a lez show to increase his discomfort and suffering, licking breasts and sitting over his face. Nikki then fucks Zara with a big strapon, the slave a human mattress as they fuck right above his face. She then puts the strapon straight into his mouth to clean up the juice, releasing the chastity and using a double headed vibrator to make him spurt his load.

Boys Cucked by Women
Cocks respond to Treatment

The patient is restrained to the medical bed, awaiting a thorough examination and test by the rubber clad nurse. She pays particular attention to his nipples, before using advanced electrical implements on his cock and an inflatable electrical butt plug, whilst controlling his breathing.

St Mackenzies – Boarding School For Young Ladies

There are no boys allowed at St Mackenzies Boarding School. And this has turned all the girls into hot little sluts, continuously horny, and in constant need for sexual relief.

  • Our uniform includes knee high socks, tiny little skirts, the silkiest nylons and stiletto heels so we can feel sexy.
  • There is not much work going on. Too busy giggling, tickling and touching each other!
  • We masturbate whenever we can. Every spare minute in school is spent trying to get off.
  • Even then we are almost always continuously horny, we just just can’t keep our clothes on.
  • The teachers can’t control us, and sometimes we make them join in.

Hot All-Girl School Fun At St Mackenzie's . Updates every other day.

Becky points out that Laurens label is sticking out and when she reaches to tuck it in Lauren squeals, she is very ticklish under her arms! Becky finds this very amusing and cannot resist the opportunity to tickle Lauren some more. As she tickles Lauren she starts to slip off her tight uniform so she can get to even more exposed skin. Lauren wriggles and giggles as she begs Becky to stop, but Becky is having far too much fun tickling her all over,

Sapphire is waiting in Headmistress’s office, as she waits she crosses and uncrosses her legs, feeling the smooth holdup stockings slide over each other. She loves the feeling of these holdup stockings, so sheer and sexy and she loves the way the gently grip near the tops of her thighs.

I have called Amy to my office. However as we chat I notice her pretty black stockings as she crosses and uncrosses her legs in front of me. As we cross and uncross our legs and then rub our legs against each other’s we can hear the naughty noise the nylon makes as it brushes together. We start to feel quite warm so we slip off our skirts showing the full length of our gorgeous legs, but we do not stop there.

HumiliationPOV Members Get Roasted And Exposed

humiliationpov roasted and exposed

In the forum in the members area, we asked you losers to post humiliating pictures of yourselves for a roast video. And wow did we get some fucked up pictures! Princess Mika will go through each and every picture and comment, laugh, scoff, and belittle you beyond imagination. We know those of you posted your pictures can’t wait to hear what Princess Mika has to say about you! I’m sure you’ll be jerking so hard when your picture comes up! Not only are we going to humiliate you, but you’re also being exposed to anyone who downloads or buys this clip! For those of you who didn’t post, I’m sure after watching this video, you’ll want to post your pics so you too can be exposed in our next video.

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Destroyed Balls

 Mistress Serena is in the mood for a heavy ball busting session and really wants to destroy some balls, however her slave is intent on avoiding her full force kicks… A problem slave, but a simple solution by strapping him to the bondage chair and taping up his cock out of the way. With her targets exposed, full force shoe and barefoot kicks follow in swift succession! Once she’s pulverised them in the chair, she makes sure they are well and truly crushed with some full weight trampling….

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Make More Cum

Teasing Is Easy

You love looking at the sexy girls don’t you? Do they make your cock all hard and pointy? Well did you know that there is nothing easier for a girl than to tease a boy like you. These naughty girls with their perfect bodies know exactly how much you want them. The need within you to fuck is instinctive, in fact it’s the only reason you as a male even exist. 

Balls Fill With Cum

When you’re in chastity like so many beta boys are, you’ll notice that your need to ejaculate doesn’t go away. If anything the need increases the longer you are locked up. This is because your balls can’t adapt to the realityof the situation. Your manbrain is still telling your balls to make lots of cum. The stupidity male in you still wants to fuck, it wants to breed, even though you don’t have permission. So your obedient balls are working overtime to meet this demand. But it is of course a false demand. Your balls don’t know they are being teased and denied. All they know is that they need to make more cum. 

Girls tease and you can’t adapt. Your balls will be making cum right now, they’ll be making cum in an hour, they’ll be doing it all day. And you can’t do anything about it.