Cum Countdown

You Are A Worm
A woman like Madame Rose has no shortage of pathetic pay pigs begging for scraps of her attention. She loves these types of men as they are mere worms to her, pathetic beings that exist to be ridiculed, humiliated and financially drained at every possible opportunity. Controlling and denying them orgasm is just the icing on the cake.
Stroke With Toes In Your Mouth
Beautiful Miss Lavey enjoys rewarding her hard working pay pigs by letting them stroke themselves while sucking on her toes. It’s an honor to lick her feet clean, one which most slaves crave to be lucky enough to win. Stroke away and lick her feet, but wait for her permission before coming to a climax.

One Piggie, Two Piggie
Two pay pigs are always better than one. That’s why today Princess Natalia has her personal pay pig here to extract money from while also extracting money from you. She regularly drains this pigs bank account and strictly controls his orgasms just like she controls yours. She makes him hand over money just for the privilege of stroking his cock in her presence, while also controlling whether or not you will cum. There is little chance she will allow both of her pay pigs to have an orgasm though so who will be the lucky one, her personal pay pig or you?

Idiots Don’t Cum
You bother Goddess Tinslee while she is eating and you really expect her to let you cum? She already loves to ruthlessly deny men climax on a good day, now that you have disturbed her makes it quite unlikely that she will let you climax.