Make More Cum

Teasing Is Easy

You love looking at the sexy girls don’t you? Do they make your cock all hard and pointy? Well did you know that there is nothing easier for a girl than to tease a boy like you. These naughty girls with their perfect bodies know exactly how much you want them. The need within you to fuck is instinctive, in fact it’s the only reason you as a male even exist. 

Balls Fill With Cum

When you’re in chastity like so many beta boys are, you’ll notice that your need to ejaculate doesn’t go away. If anything the need increases the longer you are locked up. This is because your balls can’t adapt to the realityof the situation. Your manbrain is still telling your balls to make lots of cum. The stupidity male in you still wants to fuck, it wants to breed, even though you don’t have permission. So your obedient balls are working overtime to meet this demand. But it is of course a false demand. Your balls don’t know they are being teased and denied. All they know is that they need to make more cum. 

Girls tease and you can’t adapt. Your balls will be making cum right now, they’ll be making cum in an hour, they’ll be doing it all day. And you can’t do anything about it.