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Sexy Dominant Nurses Probe Every Hole

Nurse Inka uses the cock stretcher to pull his dick taught so she can work on it. She checks out the size of his urethra and rubs the pin wheel on the flesh, enjoying his moans and reactions. Inka then teases his insides with vibrating devices before attaching the electro stimulation box to his shaft and buzzing it with waves of pain and pleasure. Finally she uses the Venus 2000 to rub his engorged member as she fucks with a sound sending her patient into throes of ecstasy as she totally controls him.

Mistress Nikki and Zara are teasing their chastity slave, his cock squeezed at an impossible angle by the hard steel. They put on a lez show to increase his discomfort and suffering, licking breasts and sitting over his face. Nikki then fucks Zara with a big strapon, the slave a human mattress as they fuck right above his face. She then puts the strapon straight into his mouth to clean up the juice, releasing the chastity and using a double headed vibrator to make him spurt his load.

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Cocks respond to Treatment

The patient is restrained to the medical bed, awaiting a thorough examination and test by the rubber clad nurse. She pays particular attention to his nipples, before using advanced electrical implements on his cock and an inflatable electrical butt plug, whilst controlling his breathing.