Humiliation POV – Goddess Snow Laughs At You

Goddess Snow Mocks & Laughs At You Jerking Off

In this clip you will have the privilege of having the gorgeous Goddess Alexandra Snow, laugh in your face while you masturbate, loser.

Awww look at you, with your cock out already for me. It is kinda cute, you with your little dick in your hand. I know you wanna stroke it for me. So go on, jerk it for me, I’ll watch you. And I’ll try not to laugh…

What are those stupid faces you keep making? Do you have to make those while you jerk? You look sooo ridiculous. Do you have any idea what a loser you look like? Is that really what it looks like when you masturbate?

I know you love staring at me while you masturbate. Staring at me and listening to me tell you what an idiot you look like while you make those stupid faces and horrid grunts and groans. You look like you’re having convulsions. This is the most unsexy thing I’ve ever seen.

Men masturbating is the silliest thing I’ve ever seen. Breathe loser, your faces is turning red, lol. This is soo much fun watching you. I cannot stop laughing and giggling.

I’m going to let you cum for me but I want to humiliate you because I’ll find it that much more entertaining. So jerk that cock hard and make some barnyard animal noises for me. Do it really loud so the neighbors can hear. I know you’re gonna cum so hard with me laughing in your face!

I Love Locking Up Useless Cocks – Real Keyholding

This is a REAL opportunity to go into chastity for Lady Suzanne, she will give you her personal email address in this clip.

Hey loser, stare at me, I’m gorgeous. Now look into the mirror, what do you see? An ugly fucking loser. Now look between your legs. What do you see? An ugly little useless dick. Just like you, you are a useless loser. But I am going to give you a chance to be useful for once in your life. I’m going to give you the chance to serve me.

We’re going to make your cock useful, and you know how we’re going to do that? By locking it in chastity. When you are in chastity, you become so pathetic, so pliable, that I can fuck with your mind and you suddenly become useful to me. Become my chastity slave, loser.

You see this key around my neck? This could be your key. This is the key to My pleasure. I love locking useless dicks. It is such a privilege to be locked by me. Who else will give a fuck about you? This is your one chance to be useful. You should be happy that I pay any attention at all to you. And I know you love the idea of being locked for me, you love the power it will give me over you.

I want to see how long you can remain locked for me. You will lock yourself up, you will send me the key, and you will pay for the privilege. You will pay me every month for holding your key and you will think about me every second of the day as you work and suffer for me.

So send me an email and BEG me to become my chastity slave.

Lollipop Licking Bubblegum Chewing Brat Abuse

Princess Amai is such a hot young brat in this clip, sucking her lollipop, chewing her gum, and verbally abusing fucking pervs like you!

I may be cute and adorable but I’m not so innocent and I can see right through you. You’re just a dirty perv who gets off on hot young girls like me. Don’t you think there’s something wrong with that? I’m sure you’re beating your cock to me sucking this lollipop and that is just so pathetic, so desperate. You are just a lowly disgusting perv and I’d never get anywhere near you. You creep me out.

You perv on girls like me all day, you are a sick twisted individual. I don’t understand why freaks like you feel compelled to stare at girls who are out of your league. You are so stupid and so obvious, it’s fucking pathetic and gross. Jerking off is all you have loser. No girl would ever fuck you, so go on, jerk off, it’s all you ever do, all you ever think about. You’re one perverted fucked up idiot.

Well are you just going to gawk at me all day? Jerk off for me, amuse me. Faster and faster, stroke that little dick, loser. I know how bad you want to.

And when I tell you to cum, I want you to cum in your hand. I want to completely humiliate you. Rub it on your face, do it idiot. Rub it all in. You fucking perv, you’re gross. You’re so stupid, you’ll do anything I say.

My Feet Are An Aphrodisiac For Your Mind
Sexy, seductive foot trance from the Ultimate Foot Goddess, Miss Lindsey Leigh.

Hello my little foot boys. I know you’re so obsessed with me and you think that I’m the sexiest thing alive. And my feet, are the sexiest thing about me. And I Love having them worshiped. It is hot, it turns me on so much. You would just die to be anywhere near them. I mean look at how cute my toes are. Tell me how bad you want them in your mouth as you drool beneath beneath me.

As I slowly, rhythmically move my feet in front of your face, your brain will begin to shut down, and you will automatically worship my feet without thinking about it. My soles, my wrinkles, my arches, and my toes will consume every thought in that tiny brain of yours.

My feet are like an aphrodisiac for your mind. Only a real man would get down on his hands and knees and pamper the feet of a Goddess. This is where you belong my foot slave, you never want you mind to awaken from this state. My feet are the only feet you want, they are absolutely hypn0tizing.

I could just tease you like this all day, slowly pressing every button in your head with my words and my toes. You know you’ll do anything for me now. You are a weak, helpless, foot slave.