Encourages Humiliation Addiction

Last Resort: 10 Days in the Chastity Cage with Bikini Bitch Selena “Condoms? You pathetic dreamer. Just because you brought me to a 5-star resort doesn’t mean you get to fuck me. No, you’re gonna wear a cock cage for our entire ten day vacation. I’m gonna bikini strut around the pool bar to seduce men back to our room – while you drool and make frustration humps under our bed…” Cold-Hearted Cuck Teaser Tessa Catches You Gloobing off to Her “How hilarious. Even tho I’ve banished you from our bedroom, even tho the only sex you get from me is sexual humiliation, you’re more puppydog for princess than ever. Aren’t you? Well, cuckie, here I am in my bikini. Why don’t you pull that pair of my stolen hamper panties over your face and show me who still owns you.” Office Intern Missy Makes You Sissy-Cream Your Cucky Coffee “You might be the boss but I fucking own you. ME. Your 19-year-old intern. Your job is to bring my coffee and supply the condoms – so I can fuck the mailroom guys in your office while you twiddle your dick and whimper under my desk. If you EVER disobey me I will strip you, emasculate you and command you to…” Princess Tiffani Laffs as You Load Your Humpypillow with Loser Goo “Oh my gawd! You pathetic mama’s boy virgin! I know you have a humpypillow. The crusty smelly one you keep under your bed with your sissy porn. You’re gonna show me how you humpy-squirt that wussy pillow. I totally promise not to tease you, trashtalk you, or bust out laffing at you as you’re making a cummie…” 4 minutes. Beg and Plead Princess Tessa Not to Break-up with You, Wussy “Are you going to just stand there at the foot of my bed, drooling like an imbecile? Or are you going to start telling me how much you adore me and BEG me not to break up with you? Because I am THIS close to dumping you. Come on, loser, I’m getting bored with your crybaby babbling. What will you do to amuse me…” 4 minutes.