Mistress Sarah Blake

Ruining StepDaddie’s Date with M0mmie My pervy old stepdaddie has been eyefucking me for so long, its time to take a little revenge. Now he will get to see who the real boss is! I meant to stick his ugly old cock in chastity but he was too hard for it! Instead of milking him as I would have done my boyfriend. I decided to hurt his cock and balls instead. Ball and Cock slaps, ball squeezes and poking with my long nails. No sex for stepdaddie! Joi Gone Wrong with Sarah Blake and Mina Thorne Mmm…what a lucky boy you are to have us 2 hot Mistresses doing your jerk off instruction today. You get to hear our lovely voices and see us stroke this cock while you stroke yours. I bet you are sooo excited already..looks like too excites. HEY! We didn’t give you permission to stroke now did we? NO. You stupid slave, now you get punishment for your failure to take directions properly. This just went from a sexy JOI to a self ball busting instructional! Instead of cumming you get to cry! Chastity Duties Since his cock is locked away and useless, our new slave gets to learn how to be useful in other ways. Giving him plenty of tasks also helps to distract him from his new predicament as a chastity slave. He isn’t able to have any release unless we say and it will take a long time to earn his keys…One of his duties is to care for our beautiful feet. He removed our expensive shoes and gets excited enough to air hump while smelling and massaging them! Will he earn his key? Bedtime JOI Its late and you can’t sleep…well neither can I. Maybe we should help each other out to get some much needed ZZZzzz’s. I know! A healthy orgasm always puts me right to sleep…how about you?