Ms Maya Fox Will See You Now

Ms. Fox
“Sent to my office again for being bad? Whats this your 4th time this week? Im starting to think you like coming here…do you like coming here?” I notice your boner growing in your pants and I make you take it out and stroke for me, but you must not tell anyone! Im sure you dont want me being replaced with a fat, old lady principal! Now cum for me!

Caged and ready to stroke
Youve been locked away for how long now? And starring at me has got you all worked up, hasnt it? Its so great being in charge of your dick, controlling it and teasing it, doing whatever I want to it! Think Ill let you out to stroke and cum?

Because I say so
Hard already? Well that didnt take long! Where is it that you want to release today? My ass? My tits? Just remember you will stroke as I say and remember the only reason you can cum is because I say so!

3minute time limit
3 minutes is all you get, think you can handle it? Of course you can. Youd be able to cum in 3 seconds if I forced you too. Make sure you have your clothes on when you press play