Mz Devious Update

stroke for momma (custom with no personalization, filmed POV style ) ” I come home from school to find that you have caught on that I like to jerk my little peenie off and cum into your panties. You call me in the room to ask me about this, then tell me to stroke it like a good boy for momma. I must do as momma says, and follow her orders, after all I am her favorite boy. Please do a cum countdown and count me down to release. Please also wear a low cut dress or blouse, and be more nurturing than humiliating, if that makes sense… ” shiny tight black dress skin tight, shiny black dress wrapped around my curves, my big boobs and perfect ass … one look and your hand is wrapped around your dick ready to be a stroke addict for me… ready to play my little game.. I tease, you stroke.. you’re such a good little penis puller .. ( tease denial, shiny clothes, POV ) shiny legging slave I know these shiny skin tight.. pink shimmer pantyhose leggings that are painted on my curvy strong legs will weaken you. you cannot resist but to stroke, so I encourage that, and give you a cum countdown. Stroke to my shiny leggings, that are see through ( no I’m not wearing anything underneath, and yes.. you do see my vag , at least twice in this .. oops ) . Giant women taking over You are so…small. You’re…tiny. You’re weak. And I’m getting so much bigger. So much bigger than you. So…much…bigger. Every day, I’m getting taller, stronger. And you…you’re getting thinner… Weaker… Smaller. I’m growing, honey…growing bigger every day. Soon I’m going to outgrow all my clothes. I’m going to outgrow…this room. This house. I’m going to outgrow…everything. I’m going to be huge, honey. Huge. And you, you just keep…shrinking. You’re so small, you’re so weak. Getting smaller and weaker every day. I’m so much bigger than you already – what’s it going to be like in a month? Six months? You’re going to be so tiny, next to me. What does that feel like? Hmm? Shrinking, like this? Shrinking as your wife grows….grows bigger. Grows stronger. Grows and grows and grows, as you’re just…withering away? Hm? Can you tell me? Tell me what that feels like? And your mind…it’s not working the same way, is it? You’re not able to do the things you used to. You can feel it slipping away. You can feel your will, slipping away. And my mind, and my will…are becoming bigger….and bigger. I’m becoming smarter, stronger…bigger. You can feel yourself being overwhelmed by me. Look at you…you can’t even speak. You can barely even think. You’re so weak. You’re a weakling. And I’m so strong. We all are…women. We’re all growing so strong. Taller, bigger…smarter. And men, men are shrinking, like you. Getting smaller, like you. Getting weaker and weaker and weaker, and dumber and dumber…like you. Women are taking over, honey. We’re taking over you. We’re taking over everything. We’re going to be huge. I’M going to be huge. Huge, like a giant. Huge like a GOD. I’m going to be your God, honey. Your huge, huge GOD.