New Goddess Tierra Clips

Take the plunge
Dont you want to be like all my other slaves? You read my blogs and see all the attention my paying slave boys get and you are longing for the same. Now is the time to jump right in and start serving Goddess Tierra. My little seductive black dress will do the trick. I’ll have you on your knees in no time!

Playing with leg addicts
Sexy, long, smooth, chocolate legs! What a perfect view looking up at your infatuation. Different angles and views make this leg worshiping clip smoking HOT! I love taking advantage of your fetish for long sexy legs! I love playing with your head and using them to get what I want!

Bikini Bitch Financial Mind Fuck
*This was a custom clip! For your own custom clip EMAIL This is simply the hottest clip out right now! The preview got chopped off and just does not do this justice! My bikini addicted bitch has turned into a complete money slave. he begged me to tease and mind fuck him in a little bikini and he’s about to get more than what he asked for! Instead I am going to mind fuck him and the rest of you so bad in my little bikini and baby oil covered body, your cock and wallet are going to want to explode! Slow teasing is like complete t0rture for you. I can tease and tease and get anything I want from you addicted weaklings! Have your credit card out. You wont resist tributing this sexy bikini body!

Chastity Prisoner
*This was a custom clip. For your own custom email* Chastity is your favorite fetish so I have decided to take FULL advantage of that! Im going to make you into my full, vulnerable, & submissive chastity slave. Once your locked up in that cage Im going to tease and tease everything out of you. Your so weak when your cock is locked up and you are at my full mercy. I want to see you beg to be unlocked.

Denied at work
I LOVE TEASING it is so much fun! No matter what you will obey me even when I am denying you and leaving you blue balled! Today your going to have some fun at work but, this time you will be DENIED and edging all for my pleasure and amusement! I control you, your life, and your orgasms. The only thing worse than someone walking in on you jacking off at work is someone catching you with a boner because you have been denied! Your going to be walking around pathetic & blue balled and I am going to laugh each time one of you buys this video =)