New Humiliation POV Updates

Weak, Horny, Small Penis Stocking Stroker – HD Don’t you just Love my sexy pink nylons? I know they’re making your tiny dick so hard right now. My legs look so smooth and so silky, they’re absolutely irresistible to a mindless small penis jerking loser. I am a picture of perfection to you. Tall, blonde, flawless body, I am an unattainable Goddess in your eyes. My nylons make you so horny and so weak, they give me complete power over you. You’re my little nylon freak. I’m going to tease you by putting my feet right in front of your face, just out of reach. Just close enough so you can smell them. And then I’m going to turn around and show you my perfect ass. Once you have my feet, legs, and nylons in front of your face, you’ll be completely helpless for me. And I see your weakness and I feed off of it, my power grows. You want to be my slave, you feel it. So jerk your tiny little cock to my legs in these sheer nylons. I want you to stroke it loser. Stroking brings you closer and closer to becoming mine. And stroking to me is all you’ll ever get to do. Come on my little nylon loser, get down on your knees, jerk and pray to me. Show me how much you appreciate me letting you worship me. Make me a little worship puddle and become my slave. Cum Eating For Toilet Slaves Go bring your computer next to your toilet so you can watch me and follow my instructions. I want you to lift up the seat and stand over the toilet and start jerking off. I’m going to make you my little toilet slave today. I’m going to tell you right from the start what you’re going to be doing, so that way you can think about it the whole time you’re jerking off. I’m going to make you eat your cum. You’re going to cum on the rim of your toilet, and inside the bowl and then you’re going to lick it all up. Doesn’t that excite you, you dirty little toilet licking cum slut? You’re going to eat toilet flavored cum! You’re going to lick every drop no matter where it lands. And I don’t care how dirty your toilet is. Look at you, jerking faster as I tell you about all the nasty things you’re going to do when you cum. I’m going to have so much fun watching you do it. So go on, make some cummies for me. Now lick it up, lick the rim, all around the sides, lick it up off the floor, and then dip your head in the bowl and lap out the rest like a dog! Ew you are so gross! Manipulating Stupid Dumbass Jerking Losers – HD Sweet, giggly, teasing humiliation from Goddess Jocelyn. Will you jerk yourself for me, loser? Touch it nice and slow, work it for me, I just love when you jerk for me, I want you to jerk for me. Do you know why? Because you get really, really stupid, lol. And I know I can control you better when you’re a stupid jerking loser, so I always want you hard, horny and jerking for me. I love to manipulate you, so keep stroking, the more you stroke, the dumber you get. I can get you to do some fucked up stuff for me. I can make you behave like such an idiot that you’ll be full of regret afterwards. You stupid loser. All the blood just rushes to your cock and you become putty in my hands. Tell me you’ll do anything for me. Say, ‘Goddess Jocelyn I’ll do anything for you.’ Good boy. Now just keep jerking, I don’t want you cumming, I just want you jerking and stupid. Don’t you just wanna open your wallet for me? Let me tease you with my feet and my ass to make you even dumber. Milk your cock as I milk you mind, you wallet and your dignity. I may seem sweet but that is my manipulative way to fuck you over while you don’t even notice.