Humiliation POV – Goddess Snow Laughs At You

Goddess Snow Mocks & Laughs At You Jerking Off

In this clip you will have the privilege of having the gorgeous Goddess Alexandra Snow, laugh in your face while you masturbate, loser.

Awww look at you, with your cock out already for me. It is kinda cute, you with your little dick in your hand. I know you wanna stroke it for me. So go on, jerk it for me, I’ll watch you. And I’ll try not to laugh…

What are those stupid faces you keep making? Do you have to make those while you jerk? You look sooo ridiculous. Do you have any idea what a loser you look like? Is that really what it looks like when you masturbate?

I know you love staring at me while you masturbate. Staring at me and listening to me tell you what an idiot you look like while you make those stupid faces and horrid grunts and groans. You look like you’re having convulsions. This is the most unsexy thing I’ve ever seen.

Men masturbating is the silliest thing I’ve ever seen. Breathe loser, your faces is turning red, lol. This is soo much fun watching you. I cannot stop laughing and giggling.

I’m going to let you cum for me but I want to humiliate you because I’ll find it that much more entertaining. So jerk that cock hard and make some barnyard animal noises for me. Do it really loud so the neighbors can hear. I know you’re gonna cum so hard with me laughing in your face!

I Love Locking Up Useless Cocks – Real Keyholding

This is a REAL opportunity to go into chastity for Lady Suzanne, she will give you her personal email address in this clip.

Hey loser, stare at me, I’m gorgeous. Now look into the mirror, what do you see? An ugly fucking loser. Now look between your legs. What do you see? An ugly little useless dick. Just like you, you are a useless loser. But I am going to give you a chance to be useful for once in your life. I’m going to give you the chance to serve me.

We’re going to make your cock useful, and you know how we’re going to do that? By locking it in chastity. When you are in chastity, you become so pathetic, so pliable, that I can fuck with your mind and you suddenly become useful to me. Become my chastity slave, loser.

You see this key around my neck? This could be your key. This is the key to My pleasure. I love locking useless dicks. It is such a privilege to be locked by me. Who else will give a fuck about you? This is your one chance to be useful. You should be happy that I pay any attention at all to you. And I know you love the idea of being locked for me, you love the power it will give me over you.

I want to see how long you can remain locked for me. You will lock yourself up, you will send me the key, and you will pay for the privilege. You will pay me every month for holding your key and you will think about me every second of the day as you work and suffer for me.

So send me an email and BEG me to become my chastity slave.

Lollipop Licking Bubblegum Chewing Brat Abuse

Princess Amai is such a hot young brat in this clip, sucking her lollipop, chewing her gum, and verbally abusing fucking pervs like you!

I may be cute and adorable but I’m not so innocent and I can see right through you. You’re just a dirty perv who gets off on hot young girls like me. Don’t you think there’s something wrong with that? I’m sure you’re beating your cock to me sucking this lollipop and that is just so pathetic, so desperate. You are just a lowly disgusting perv and I’d never get anywhere near you. You creep me out.

You perv on girls like me all day, you are a sick twisted individual. I don’t understand why freaks like you feel compelled to stare at girls who are out of your league. You are so stupid and so obvious, it’s fucking pathetic and gross. Jerking off is all you have loser. No girl would ever fuck you, so go on, jerk off, it’s all you ever do, all you ever think about. You’re one perverted fucked up idiot.

Well are you just going to gawk at me all day? Jerk off for me, amuse me. Faster and faster, stroke that little dick, loser. I know how bad you want to.

And when I tell you to cum, I want you to cum in your hand. I want to completely humiliate you. Rub it on your face, do it idiot. Rub it all in. You fucking perv, you’re gross. You’re so stupid, you’ll do anything I say.

My Feet Are An Aphrodisiac For Your Mind
Sexy, seductive foot trance from the Ultimate Foot Goddess, Miss Lindsey Leigh.

Hello my little foot boys. I know you’re so obsessed with me and you think that I’m the sexiest thing alive. And my feet, are the sexiest thing about me. And I Love having them worshiped. It is hot, it turns me on so much. You would just die to be anywhere near them. I mean look at how cute my toes are. Tell me how bad you want them in your mouth as you drool beneath beneath me.

As I slowly, rhythmically move my feet in front of your face, your brain will begin to shut down, and you will automatically worship my feet without thinking about it. My soles, my wrinkles, my arches, and my toes will consume every thought in that tiny brain of yours.

My feet are like an aphrodisiac for your mind. Only a real man would get down on his hands and knees and pamper the feet of a Goddess. This is where you belong my foot slave, you never want you mind to awaken from this state. My feet are the only feet you want, they are absolutely hypn0tizing.

I could just tease you like this all day, slowly pressing every button in your head with my words and my toes. You know you’ll do anything for me now. You are a weak, helpless, foot slave.

Miss Lucy Zara – Bigger Tits

Mistress Lucy Zara never gives your cock a break. If she’s not posing in silky nylons and lingerie on Her Lucy Zara website, She’s humiliating and degrading Her slaves on Glamworship. And now, if that wasn’t enough She’s gone and got herself (with your money of course) Bigger Tits. We have to wait to see them as she’s still recovering from the op. But Lucy Zara with huge 34G boobs is something worth waiting for. So excited.

Sarah Blake – Your Evil Boss

Your Evil Boss 3: Edging You All Weekend
Your evil bitch boss has decided you will work all weekend at her HOME! She has high demands on you and will also be entertaining her. She starts out telling you to get on your knees and unload your balls so you won’t be stealing her panties then she get that evil look in her eyes. Uh oh! She decided not to let you cum at all…all weekend but you must pull out your cock whenever she says, no matter what you are doing and jerk without cumming for her…You want to keep your job right?

Foot Love
I know you just adore me and can’t get enough…especially my feet! They really get you going, you boilng, and your cock hard instantly. It not my gorgeous face, my stunning curves, its my feet that get you off and you want them in your face….pointing my toes, wiggling them so close to your face. Worship my feet, slave…

Your Evil Boss 2
Your evil bitch boss called you into her office for a second time to humiliate you over your porn addiction and teases you with her sexy heels. She dangles them as she talks about the porn she saw from your browsing history… then makes you cum while worshiping her sexy nylon covered feet!

Goddess Addiction Dance Hypn0 Trance
Relax, watch my sexy body sway in front of you and lose yourself…become even more addicted to me while I dance and put your mind in a trance…worship me with your eyes…let you mind become mine…worship me…

Your Evil Boss part1
Your boss is an evil bitch with zero tolerance for slackers. She found out that someone has been watching porn on company time and had her IT guys track down the culprit…and its YOU! She calls you into the office and humiliates you then makes you jerk for your job. There’s a catch though…you aren’t going to enjoy this orgasm…

Cum Countdown – Love To Dominate

Love Your Princess
It’s time for you to show Princess Katie how much you love and adore her. Kneel down before her and beg her, tell her you love her, show her how devoted you are to her. Then maybe she will let you stroke your own cock.

Sexy Girls Love To Dominate
Girls like Princess Avril and Princess Bella tend to be a little on the ruthless side when it comes to loser guys. They love nothing more than to verbally cut them down to nothing, debase them, degrade them, and take their money while controlling their orgasms. Princess Avril has a fondness for not allowing lube because she prefers to have her male pets hurt while they stroke, while Princess Bella loves to deny orgasm for long periods of time. Who knows though, maybe they will have mercy if you beg them enough.

You Cum When I Tell You
It’s a simple rule really, you cum with Princess Natalia lets you. You know how to listen and follow directions right? Good, then take out your little midget cock and stroke it for Princess Natalia exactly as she says and hope she takes pity on your loser ass and lets you cum.

Pretty Princess
The very pretty Mischa does her makeup every morning, and this morning she will let you pay to watch her. Don’t you feel special? You get to climax while watching her get ready. Well maybe she will let you climax, if she is in the mood.

Tease And Denial Top 5 Clips

The top 5 clips at Clips4Sale

No.1 Goddess Alexandra Snow

Goddess vs. Your Cock
You’ve been working so hard at developing self-control and stroking endurance, haven’t you? You’ve gotten so good at drawing it out, getting to the edge and stopping. Well.. I’m willing to put that to the test. I am challenging your cock to a little test of willpower against my beautiful body and my epic tease talents. I’ll even let you keep your pants on to help curb the need to stroke. Can you resist “adjusting”? Can you even make it through the first two minutes? Let’s up the intensity! This amazingly revealing dress looks so delicious on me, doesn’t it? Watch me toy and tease you as you attempt to resist the urge to stroke wildly.

I will win, of course. I always win.

No.2 Princess Ceara Lynch

Dressing Room JOI
I found a lonely wealthy looking man sitting alone at the mall one day and decided to take advantage. I invite him into my dressing room for a little show. Naturally the perv can’t resist such an exciting offer and follows me right in. I make him a deal, telling him he can jerk his pathetic cock to my perfect body so long as he agrees to buy anything and everything I want in the store. How could he refuse? I tease him with my ass in a shiny gold body suit, making him weak to my advances. I count him down to orgasm and then cash in. Easy as pie.

No.3 Glam Worship – Danielle Maye

Powerful Woman
Danielle has been doing extensive training at the gym. Her Personal Trainer is a Cage Fighter and has been training her hard, REALLY HARD! Anyway, the irony of all this is that the Personal Training sessions you are paying for, are making Her even better looking and even more in DEMAND. This means She earns more money, and her empire increases… Meanwhile, you get POORER each time you splurge your income, each time you re-finance your assets or do whatever it takes just to get your next FIX. But this just distances you FURTHER from Danielle, putting her further out of reach, until eventually you’ll have NOTHING left and she’ll remove you from her list.
But you can’t resist, she is a powerful woman both in stature and in spirit. As you gaze up at her Amazonian physique, you know that in spite of everything, you NEED to submit ONE MORE TIME. You cannot resist her POWER.

No.4 Barefoot Princess

Bitches Feet
Am I a cock tease? No. I give foot-slaves exactly what they want! I keep their little poles standing up and I let them lick the feet that teased their dick. So, were gonna find out who the bitch is! FOOT TEASE and DENIAL, FOOT-JOBS, FEMALE DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, GODDESS WORSHIP

No.5 Mistress T

Learn Orgasm Control
EDGING + TEASE & DENIAL: This is a sensual & intense vid as my poor slave rides the edge of an orgasm…I bring him close and then stop over and over training him to learn orgasm control…

Goddess Kim Kay – Teased Until Broken

Teased until broken
Do you know what the best part of watching you stroke your dick is??? Its the ending when I begin to count you down, watch you smile from ear to ear as you jerk it harder and faster and then ripping it all away when I make you do the unthinkable- SMACK IT HARD!!!! Hahahahahaa

Big soft tits
Who’s going to be the next victim to fall for my big, soft tits?!? I suspect YOU! One look and you are putty in my hands and the more I show, the more feeble you get. Go on try to resist temptation, you know damn well you cant.

Your denial is my pleasure
I think the title says it all, your denial is my pleasure!

A loyal husband
You pride yourself on being a faithful husband, but I know that with your wife gone for the night and me dressed in this sexy bikini, you wont be able to resist temptation! I want your pants down around your ankle and I want you stroking it hard for me! Be ware your wife may only be moments away from unlocking the door and catching you with your pants around your ankles!!!! (Must watch while the wife is gone for a bit)

The babysitter
Your wife has hired me full time to help out with the , but what she doesn’t know is that every time she leaves the room you are checking me out. Today I have decided to confront you about it. Once again she is upstairs in your bedroom and you are alone in the living room. I come in, turn off the TV and lean in… wont be able to resist as I whisper in your ear and make you stroke it.

Brat Doll Maya Fox – Worship Me

Cum splash
Ready to shower yourself in that gooey white stuff you love so much!!!!! Pull out your dick and start stroking as I tease and direct you. Im going to distract you so good that when I tell you to cum all over your face youll be in a state of mind where you wont be able to resist!
Sexy denial tease
A sexy tease and denial is what your getting today and you better not cum! If you do there will be consequences to pay and I can assure you now, you will NOT like them.

Worship Me
You just couldnt resist buying another one of my clips, could you? You check my store everyday, its a routine: wake up and go straight to your computer. Wonder whats in store for you today? Wonder what part of my perfect body you will be stroking to?? Tits? Ass? Pussy? Lets go horny boy, cum worship your goddess. (btw, these see thru panties show you more than you deserve!)

Lets have sex
Im hot and horny and I cant wait to take your clothes off!!! I can only imagine what it would be like to fuck your hard, throbbing……WAIT A MINUTE!!!! What the hell is that little thing??? Really? Thats it?? Thats useless! What is a hot girl like me suppose to do with that?? Guess Ill get off on my pink vibrator 🙂

Cum for my tits
My titty addict is back for another jerk session, can we say chronic masturbator for my tits?? HAHAHA Stroke and get weaker loser as I flaunt them in front of your face!