Permanent Chastity

Once you’ve heard my cute giggle and the lock snap shut you’ll be caged in this thing FOREVER! You won’t be able to jerk off, you won’t be able to fuck a girl ever again, you won’t be able to cum and best of all – even though your poor little cock will try to – it’ll never feel the satisfaction of a full erection ever again. All you’ll get is an agonisingly frustrating semi-erect kinda attempt at a hard-on as you desperately try to burst out of that device. But it’s never ever gonna happen loser. Your poor beta cock is staying in there – and all the hot girls of the world can live in the safe knowledge that your loser-loads aren’t getting released over their photos. Eventually you’ll forget how good it once felt to be allowed to cum and you’ll accept your pathetic orgasm-free life.

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