Princess Ceara And Friends

Sweaty Ass
Its the middle of summer and my ass is so sweaty from walking around in skin tight leggings all day. Watch me peel them off, forcing you to sniff and lick it all clean. A tongue like yours belongs in my sweaty crack.
Are you ready to commit to complete slavery? See if you can say no to my perfectly flawless face, up close and personal. Even if you wanted to, you don’t have a choice in the matter. You are my property. Now get on your knees and worship my incredible heels. I will use them to scar my name onto your face and then impale your worthless cock. You will thank me by kissing each spike and accepting your fate. You are now mine. Forever.

Spy Legs
You’re a spy who’s been captured by my organization and kept securely in the interrogation our room. So far, you’ve kept totally silent and have stubbornly withheld the information we demand of you. But you’re no match for what’s about to happen. I’m well aware of your fondness for sexy toned legs and I know just how to use that weakness against you. I speak to you softly, showing off my gorgeous stems until your dick is hard and your mind starts spinning. Just a little tease and suddenly your priorities become fuzzy and unclear. Just as your desire builds to unbearable heights, I offer you the opportunity to touch what seems so untouchable in exchange for the information we need. Think you can keep quiet?

Twice As Nice
Goddess Penelope ( and I have a special challenge for you. We want to see if you can cum twice in 5 minutes. Think you can handle it? Don’t worry, we’ll give you lots of encouragement. Just get that tiny cock ready and start pumping.