Sassy Princess Rene

Spy vs Slave
Oh dear, you caught me going through your personal items! I’m a P.I., a spy of sorts. Your wife hired me because she doesn’t trust you, thinks you’re doing something behind her back. Well, she was right! But, you’re not fucking another woman, no, you’re serving Mistresses online, revealing yourself as a complete submissive slut ready to be used and abused. This news will really shock your wife! She’ll probably leave you & take you for everything you’re worth. Unless, of course, she doesn’t find out… Perhaps you and I can come to some sort of agreement?

Friedric’s JOI
I’m getting ready to go out for a date and Friedric, my little chastity slave, is watching in awe as I pamper myself in the mirror. Friedric loves my long blonde hair–so much so that it turns him on to imagine me running it over his body. I see him staring at my long shiny locks & decide to let him out of chastity to stroke a bit. I love teasing my addicted slave with my tight butt and perfect tits. But will I actually let him cum before my date arrives to pick me up? Watch & play along with this insanely hot tease & find out!

Femdom Fembot
I have been sent to Earth to conquer mankind. All I need is to procure a DNA sample and a plan will be set in motion to eradicate the male species. Its quite amusing that I’m able to tell you my whole plan and you will still be incapable of foiling it. See, I’ve taken on the perfect female form in order to seduce the semen sample out of you. You won’t even resist. Simple little male. Weak little male. Now, STROKE, and give me what I need!

Chastity for Beginners
I know you’re interested in chastity. You think it would be so sacrificial and devoted to stay chaste for me. You’re a male who doesn’t deserve to stroke yet you jerk it every day because you’re addicted to masturbating. Chastity would be good for you. You can’t appreciate what you have until its gone, after all. I know you’d fail in an attempt to stay chaste, though. I’ll go easy on you. This is chastity for beginners–as easy as it gets. If you fail at this, you are even more pathetic than I thought.