Sassy Princess Rene

Long, Shapely Legs My legs are such specimens of female beauty, they command you to fall at your knees in worship before them. In this sexy, seductive clip I give you an awe-inspiring view of my long, lean legs, as if you were at my feet, looking up at them. You will worship my silky soft, toned legs. Come, pet, come and worship at my temple and bow before your Goddess. Lock You Up & Throw Away the Key I’m so sick of you greedy stroke sluts constantly jerking for me when you DON’T deserve it! Why should a horny slimeball like you get the honor of jerking for me? You need to be locked up in chastity and taught obedience. You really don’t deserve to stroke ever again, never again feel the pleasure of an orgasm. I’ll instruct you to stroke one last time for me, then it’s time to get on your chastity device, lock yourself up, and throw away the key! Obsessed with My Pussy You are so captivated by my pussy, you’re totally obsessed with it–and you’ve never even seen it! Nor will you ever see it! Nope, not a glimpse, and yet, you know it’s perfect. How could it not be? Even though there are millions of naked girls online willing to spread their legs for you for free, you’ll pay to get your mind blown by this insanely hot clip. You’ll do it because you’re totally obsessed with my royal pussy…and for good reason. Go Hungry for Me I have a task for all of my slaves. It’s compulsory for anyone who considers themselves an avid Rene worshiper and it’s pretty easy so listen the fuck up! I want you to go hungry for me. No food for the next 24 hrs for you. I filmed this clip upon rising and in it I’m munching on a yummy, fresh blueberry bagel. But, you? You get nothing today! The only nourishment you get is the mental reward of knowing that you’re sacrificing for your Princess.