St Mackenzies – Boarding School For Young Ladies

There are no boys allowed at St Mackenzies Boarding School. And this has turned all the girls into hot little sluts, continuously horny, and in constant need for sexual relief.

  • Our uniform includes knee high socks, tiny little skirts, the silkiest nylons and stiletto heels so we can feel sexy.
  • There is not much work going on. Too busy giggling, tickling and touching each other!
  • We masturbate whenever we can. Every spare minute in school is spent trying to get off.
  • Even then we are almost always continuously horny, we just just can’t keep our clothes on.
  • The teachers can’t control us, and sometimes we make them join in.

Hot All-Girl School Fun At St Mackenzie's . Updates every other day.

Becky points out that Laurens label is sticking out and when she reaches to tuck it in Lauren squeals, she is very ticklish under her arms! Becky finds this very amusing and cannot resist the opportunity to tickle Lauren some more. As she tickles Lauren she starts to slip off her tight uniform so she can get to even more exposed skin. Lauren wriggles and giggles as she begs Becky to stop, but Becky is having far too much fun tickling her all over,

Sapphire is waiting in Headmistress’s office, as she waits she crosses and uncrosses her legs, feeling the smooth holdup stockings slide over each other. She loves the feeling of these holdup stockings, so sheer and sexy and she loves the way the gently grip near the tops of her thighs.

I have called Amy to my office. However as we chat I notice her pretty black stockings as she crosses and uncrosses her legs in front of me. As we cross and uncross our legs and then rub our legs against each other’s we can hear the naughty noise the nylon makes as it brushes together. We start to feel quite warm so we slip off our skirts showing the full length of our gorgeous legs, but we do not stop there.