Your Cock Throbs, Your Balls Ache

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Oh boys, if you’ve been edging already today’s treat is going to put you in serious danger of blowing your pathetic load prematurely. So perhaps you’d better lock yourselves up for this one.

Of course Ebony Goddess Tierra needs no introduction. She’s probably been teasing you and you’ve probably been wanking like crazy to her perfect body for years. Her beauty has no equal, her curvy ass and thighs making your cock throb and your balls ache, her mezmerizing cleavage, her big boobs enslave everyone, her juicy lips, those eyes, her voice…fuck yeah…Tierra rocks your world every single fucking time.

You try, you strain, you desperately try to hang on to your sanity. But it’s no good. The teasing, tormenting sexy girls will get you in the end. Come join us. We want you to come inside


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Hot Girls Guide You On Your Path To Destruction

The decline of men has been greatly accentuated by the rise of the new generation of Superbitches like Princess Rene, Goddess Tierra and Brattybunny. Theses girls can make you look so very, very stupid.

rene findom

“I know how hard and fast you’re jerking right now thinking about how bad I’m going to fuck you over.”

Join Humiliation POV and these sexy girls will put you on the path to self destruction.

Cum Countdown – Love To Dominate

Love Your Princess
It’s time for you to show Princess Katie how much you love and adore her. Kneel down before her and beg her, tell her you love her, show her how devoted you are to her. Then maybe she will let you stroke your own cock.

Sexy Girls Love To Dominate
Girls like Princess Avril and Princess Bella tend to be a little on the ruthless side when it comes to loser guys. They love nothing more than to verbally cut them down to nothing, debase them, degrade them, and take their money while controlling their orgasms. Princess Avril has a fondness for not allowing lube because she prefers to have her male pets hurt while they stroke, while Princess Bella loves to deny orgasm for long periods of time. Who knows though, maybe they will have mercy if you beg them enough.

You Cum When I Tell You
It’s a simple rule really, you cum with Princess Natalia lets you. You know how to listen and follow directions right? Good, then take out your little midget cock and stroke it for Princess Natalia exactly as she says and hope she takes pity on your loser ass and lets you cum.

Pretty Princess
The very pretty Mischa does her makeup every morning, and this morning she will let you pay to watch her. Don’t you feel special? You get to climax while watching her get ready. Well maybe she will let you climax, if she is in the mood.