Worship Bratty Randy

Teasing The Loser Neighbor
We know you’re watching us but we don’t care. Me and my hot friend Sarah are out in the backyard getting some sun on our sexy bodies…and you’re spying…you little perv! We decide to tease you with every part of our bodies…our flat smooth bellies, our perky big tits, our perfectly groomed pussies, and our juicy asses. We have some fun and make you jerk off on command. You’re so pathetic…now go home!

Worship Your Teacher
You know you’re not the best student…it must be your lack of concentration. At least your lack of concentration on school work…haha! I’ve noticed you checking out my legs and feet. I’m feeling a bit adventurous so I decide to really drive you crazy. I make you stay after class. Now just listen to my stockinged long legs rub together…and look at my high arched feet. Look…you’re getting excited! I’m in a mood, so I show you more…I tease off my panties but leave my skirt on…look up it…can you almost see heaven? Now be a good student and follow my instruction…pull out your nice hard cock and jerk it for me. There’s a good boy! Will you shoot a load if I show you my sweet pussy? Do it…cum all over yourself…NOW!

Forget Your Fat Wife
Thanks for returning that hair drier your fat wife borrowed. So you’re going shopping for her birthday? It’s my birthday too…don’t waste your money on her…nothing’s gonna look good on her anyway. I know you like staring at me. Go ahead…enjoy the view of my long legs, my high arched feet, my round tight ass. Bet you wish you could have some of this! I want that money you’re planning to spend on that fat bitch…and checking out my hot body weakens you doesn’t it. I can see that your cock’s getting fat and hard…bulging like that wad of cash you need to give me! I’ll show a little bit of skin, but I’ve gotta go get you a special present. Be right back…. To be continued…

Forget Your Fat Wife 2
I come back and you’re where I left you…waiting with a raging hard-on. I have a present, but first, are you ready to give me your wad of cash? No…not quite? Ok then I’m gonna tease more with my goddess like body. You’re getting weaker…and your hard-on is getting stronger…but don’t touch it till I tell you! Now open your present. Do you like it?…it’s my my soiled panties I just masturbated in, and stuck in my wet pussy…covered in my essence. Sniff them. Now you’re so weak I can completely control you. Give me that cash! Here, I’ll be nice…keep 20 bucks to spend on your fat wife…Haha! Now go…go to the mall and have fun buying that bitch a present!

Personal Assistant Humiliation
You’re a pretty worthless Personal Assistant…if fact I think I should fire you right now! You never do your work, and all you ever do is stare at my legs…and other things. Oh…you’re begging? Well do exactly what I say, and maybe I won’t fire you. Take off your clothes…all of them, and stand there with your pathetic little dick exposed. Now let me tease you. I like this! I think I’ll slowly take off all my clothes. Smell my sweaty feet…lick my toes while you play with your dick…oh look …it’s grown into a little hard-on! I think I’ll rub one off cause I’m so turned on by watching you jack off your little dick…mmn feels so good I think I’ll take a little nap…naked on the coffee table.